Lashley Livingston, LPC, CCTP, is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and has both expertise and training in the area of trauma therapy. Trauma therapy varies a bit in approach from standard psychotherapy.

Trauma therapy is a type of mental health treatment that counselors use to help people overcome psychological trauma. A traumatic event is defined as one in which you perceive a threat to your life, bodily integrity, or sanity. The other component of the definition is your reaction to the event or situation. If you can cope with the event, even if it is a serious threat, it isn't trauma. Trauma occurs when your ability to handle the event is comprised.

Trauma therapy is not one specific type of treatment. A variety of therapies can be used alone or in conjunction with one another to help you deal with the trauma and move on with your life. If you seek trauma therapy, the best way to begin is to find out what type of therapy the counselor uses to treat trauma patients.


Goals of Trauma Therapy

The most crucial goals of trauma therapy are typically:

  • To face the reality of the past event without getting stuck in it

  • To reduce or eliminate trauma symptoms

  • To work towards shifting focus from the past to the present

  • To improve daily functioning

  • Raise awareness of hereditary trauma

  • To reclaim your personal power

  • To overcome addictions associated with traumatic stress

  • To gain skills that prevent relapse

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